Hej there, my name is Tim.

I'm a design technologist based in Edinburgh.

My current work focuses on design systems and accessibility. I want to bridge the gap between engineering & design, both as disciplines and in my own practice, to build technology that matters.

The web is a platform with enourmous social impact, and I believe it should be open and inclusive.
I'm also interested in physical prototyping, but I rarely get around to that anymore. I do make a great cup of coffee — if you meet me, ask me for one.

Code is the material I design with. Find my open source work on Github and my ramblings on Twitter.

Also, I love _

But enough about me. Tell me about yourself.


My link collections on interesting topics

Open source

Things I built, mostly tooling or React components


Created for a habit tracking app that I never completed, this React component displays a calendar month.


Output text in a typewriter-like fashion, one line at a time.


Sane default styles for Markdown output


A platformer game; The story of a curious, charismatic cube in his volatile world.

Talks & Slides

Slides of talks I gave at meetups

Side projects

Awesome projects I'm proud to be involved in

  • A German non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting a sustainable lifestyle.


  • A non-profit organisation supporting refugees with the dream of becoming developers.